Thursday, December 18, 2008

Timber Ridge Elementary

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! I worked with a great school last week, Timber Ridge Elementary. It is nice to be at a school that is near home. Mrs. Parks, the media specialist, has created a great space to read and learn. I loved this library! Bevin Newton was a wonderful parent helper! I had lunch with students both days and had lots of laughs. The students and I did lots of drawings, 2 drawing pads worth, which got left with the school to use. My favorite drawing those two days, a chicken called “Onion Wings”. All the teachers were drawing with me and I did a “Deer Goddess” for the principal, Dr. Doe. You might have to go to the principal’s office to see her drawing!

Monday, December 1, 2008

My first Blog

Wow!Who would believe it! I hope everyone had a great holiday! I visited some wonderful schools last week!
Waynesboro Primary on Monday in Waynesboro, Georgia. What a great mascot, a Panda Bear.It was a great day working with all the 2nd graders and the teachers, too. Miss Barbara was a trooper and helped keep it all flowing and even laughed at all my puns.The principal, Mr. Mitchell, kept stopping by and laughing . He must have enjoyed it because he invited me to a wonderful lunch in the cafeteria.

Pinecrest Elementary on Tuesday in Greenwood, South Carolina. The theme for this year is " Under Construction". They mean it, everyone had hard hats and at the end of the day the principal was using a backhoe. The students created time capsules to be buried. Cool, huh? The school had met their reading goals and this was their big day! The media specialist, Mrs. Ellenberg, was great!