Monday, September 27, 2010

Magnificent Meridian

I had a great two days at Southeast Elementary in Meridian, Mississippi. It was my first visit to the great state of Mississippi and I hope for many more! The students exceeded my expectations, their drawing abilities were outstanding and their ideas for stories had me in stitches. I loved that the teachers were drawing with the kids! Kim Massey, Principal Goddess, rolled out the red carpet and had the local television station and lots of visitors from the county. Thank you all for lunches, sightseeing and an overall good time!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time to Ketchup

"Return of the Library Dragon" is looking awesome and I have been hard at work finishing the illustrations. I met with Peachtree Publishers last week and it is fantastic to see the art laid out with Carmen Deedy's fiery story.

I have been very slack in blogging! This will end NOW!!!
I love visiting schools and libraries and need to let you know the fabulous places I have been. I will be catching up my Google map and letting you know where I am going and where I have visited. I receive wonderful and enthusiastic notes from teachers and students and will start posting some students drawings. KEEP'EM COMING!!!!! Last year I spent 4 weeks in Katy, Texas. Wow, what an experience. Thanks Ginger, enjoy your Library Goddess retirement! I finished the summer library visits with " Make a Splash" at Martinsburg, West Virginia. Thanks Jane for the rock star treatment! It was a great season and am looking forward to this one!

I am headed off to Southeast Elementary in Meridian, Mississippi and am excited to share new drawings and to see and hear the outstanding ideas from the students! Blog you soon!