Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Giant Step- Inauguration week

Monday was a wonderful day to sit and reflect that melded into Tuesday's big event. It was great to be at Rock Springs Elementary to see and hear the kids on this momentous day.I was there for 3 days this week and one day next week so I will tell you all about the exciting happenings in my next blog.

Friday, I ventured down to Macon ,to visit Alexander II Elementary School. The schools mascot- Albert Einstein. I had lots of funny ideas to complement Mr. Einstein. Wow, what a fun day. The teachers , kids, parents and even the principal got in the act.They loved the "Cowbert Einstein" who invented Cowculus.This was my first visit to this school and it was unforgettable!

One week in Houston, Texas and what a week it was!

I was invited by the Cy-Fair school district for another week in Houston. This was my 3rd visit and Linda Reynolds , the media specialist of Kirk Elementary,is the coordinator of all coordinators!!! She has taken such good care of me through each visit and we always have fun catching up!
The word got around ,because these kids ,were fired up and ready to create some stories!This is a wonderful district and all of the schools ,teachers,media specialists and students I have worked with have been excited and ready to be inspired by the programs. I cannot say enough good things about this group. I always leave there feeling inspired myself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year and back to work!

It was a wonderful vacation but I am getting ready for the new year. I have been working on the sequel to "The Library Dragon ". Carmen has written a great story and now it is my turn! I will keep you in the loop as publication dates get firmed up.
I visited three wonderful schools this past week and I am in Houston, Texas this week-

Odenville Intermediate School in Odenville, Alabama-
I was supposed to do this school in December but we had to reschedule due to icy weather. The day I was there we had huge wind gusts and rain, it was wild! As I was entering the school , the teachers were wondering if I brought the weather with me from Atlanta. We all turned around to look outside and there was a beautiful rainbow. Mrs. Champagne (How could you forget her name!!) and Mr. Banks,the media specialists, were really fun and the students were ready to draw! It truly was a magical day at a great school!

West Jackson Primary in Braselton, Georgia-
The students had watched the video from my website and were ready! They even had a greeting committee for me when I arrived! We did tons of drawings and had a few favorites, too. Mrs.Cariel Lancaster, the media specialist, was a great help and made sure everyone had fun.

Greenbrier Middle School in Evans, Georgia-
This is my third year working with the 6th graders and it is always fun.The students had lots of ideas and were adding lots of story lines to their drawings. Mrs. Hyde loves to sit and draw with her students and she always makes me feel toadally at home at Greenbrier. ( a little pun thrown in)